Summit Business Solutions

About Us

Summit Business Solutions Ltd is an outsourcing Executive Assistant and Business Support company located in New Zealand that provides business services from SME’s to publicly listed companies across New Zealand.

Summit Business Solutions provides extensive support enabling your business to grow, allowing you to focus on your core business instead of being overwhelmed but the associated administration of your business.

With over 25 years’ experience in senior management and business administration across New Zealand, Heidi leads the Summit Business Solutions team to assist your business with Board Administration and Director Executive Assistant support, Financial Management (Bookkeeping & End of Month Reports), Business Planning & Strategy, HR Support and Event/Conference Management. For those entering into business we can teach you financial literacy and how to set up your business and support you on your journey.

With an experienced team, we have you covered. If there is a service we don’t offer, we can help you find someone who can through our business networks.

Heidi Hitchman

What We Do


With over 25 years' experience in high-level administration and business management, Summit Business Solutions offers a range of one-off casual and ongoing regular support across a range of services enabling you to focus on your core business.

Board Management

All Board Administration/Minute taking

Director/Chair Executive Assistance



End of Month Reports


Accounting Software set up

Business financial literacy

Social Media

Social Media Planning, Creation & Management

Executive Assistance

Executive Assistance

Travel or Meeting co-ordination


Report/Document Proofing




General transcription services


Developing Job Descriptions

Advertisement Development

Processing of Applicants

Phone Screening

Reference Checks

Interview Co-Ordination

Contract Preparation

Ready To Collaborate?

To discuss your business needs, every package is unique and tailored to fit your business.
Benefits of having a virtual assistant

Why Choose Outsourcing

The Summit Business Solution’s team works remotely but is able to travel to attending meetings/conferences as required. Working a lot of the time remotely mean’s no desk or employee benefits are required, we work as a contractor to your business. We are a team at Summit Business Solutions so there is always more than one person who knows your business should anyone be unwell or taking leave. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Having a Virtual Assistant on your ‘team’ allows you flexibility and gives you the option of accessing specific skills and expertise relevant to your business. Hiring a virtual assistant will see you increase in efficiency as well as offering a safe option to upscale your business while saving you time and money.  The flexibility that a virtual assistant brings to your business is undeniable.

Using an experienced virtual assistant who works collaboratively with your accountant in a timely manner, will give you greater control over your financial information and will allow you to make important and informed business decisions. 

Using a virtual assistant will ensure less of your time is spent working on ‘low-value tasks’ such as admin, scheduling, minuting, payroll etc and more of your time is spent on tasks that will add value to your business and keep you focussed, motivated and engaged.


Reduced labour costs

Increased productivity

Increased flexibility

Improved work quality

Reduced risk in scaling operations

Skills your business needs

Lower training costs

Heidi from Summit Business Solutions working on a laptop on site at a dairy farm.